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I'm pretty sure that you actually meant arigatou gozaimasu. It does actually mean Thank You! but in Japanese ;) that's how you write it by the way: 

If you would like to know how to say thank you in Chinese I can gladly help you. So, the word, written in Pinyin (chinese language transcription for latin alphabet) and in Hanzi(chinese characters) looks like this: 

                                                       xièxie| 謝謝

The apostrophe aboveeshows which tone should be used to pronounce this syllable. There are three tones plus the neutral one in Chinese. 
Rising tone ::  é  High tone  ::  ē   Dropping tone  ::  è  Neutral tone  ::  

It's hard to explain well how it works and it's not exactly the key-point for this question. In order to understand how to read it, I suggest trying this dictionary, it's got the pronounciation as well:

I hope it helps :) 

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