Maps & globes show the approx location of a certain place. But they are not completely correct.
are the horizontal lines across the globe. 0 degree latitude is known as equator, the imaginary line which separate the globe into Northern & Southern Hemispheres. 90 degree north is known as north pole & 90 degree south is known as south pole.
Longitudes are the vertical lines across the globe. They are also known as Meridians. 0 degree longitude is known as prime meridian, the imaginary line which divide globe into eastern & western hemispheres. It passes through Greenwich in London.
Latitudes & longitudes help in locating a certain place in a map or a globe. 
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Maps and globes show us or give us the approx info about the location of a particular place.the demerits are they wont give us the exact location.
Latitudes are the line which passes through west of the earth to the east of it 
whereas longitudes are the lines passing through north pole to south pole.
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