Can u tell 100 words without using A,Band C in one minute

zero, one ,two,three ,four ,five, six,seven,eight,nine,ten,eleven,twelve,t... one ,twenty two,twenty three ,twenty four ,twenty five, twenty six,twenty seven,twenty eight,twenty nine,thirty one ,thirty two,thirty three ,thirty four ,thirty five,thirty six,thirty seven,thirty eight,thirty nine,forty,forty one ,forty two,forty three ,forty four ,forty five, forty six,forty seven,forty eight,forty nine,fifty ,fifty one, fifty two,fifty three ,fifty four ,fifty five, fifty six,fifty seven.
this is a logical u have to think in different way and the answer is just one to hundred


Numbers from one to hunderad
1 5 1
One two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen forteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen..................................ninetyseven ninetyeight ninetynine hundred.

thanks for reading..:)