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In the morning, when i woke up and looked in the mirror.... HUH?? what i saw.... ?? i was invisible... i got depressed , what has happened to me?? what i will do now. ?? i started to cry... then suddenly some light came and GOD appeared.. He said to me .. son i have only made u invisible.. so that u could do my work.... my children sleep in cold in night... they don't get food... i made humans so that they could help each other but everyone is selfish.... so i want to go and distribute these blankets and some food to them... then after listening to all that i stopped crying and was too happy... but suddenly a loud noise came and what??? it was a dream........ 
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you should not ask like that
everyone ask that.......
even the moderators.... so plz
i did not ask the qus
so when did i say that???\