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1.Youths are getting addicted to it.
2.Youths are following it.
3.they are loving the designs telecasted on t.v
4.Parents are to encouraging them
5.This method is destroying our culture and people are more prone to it
5.If our youths see some one in western dresses they take it as standard and do the same
6.Government do not take steps to prevent this
7.Even, if they do it people protest
8.its looks stylish so they often use it 
9.Mostly Youths use it for attraction. 
10.Youths have no mind preserving their culture.
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Western cloths destroy Indian culture by-
1. it is not in tradition of India.
2. it don't suits on girls of villages.
3. people in India don't know the manner to sit in those clothes.
4. it is insult of Indian culture and it makes India shameful.
5. it makes heart of good people bad.
6. the person who wears it don't fell a shame and makes us a shame.
7. it allow religious people to fight on the name of religion.
8. it allows some bad boys to have a look at a girl.
9. it makes us a shame when something wrong happens by wearing that cloth.
10. it allows noise pollution.
                                            please respect India !
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