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i would give this drama which i have already performed in my school with my team members.this act has a very good moral message.

MESSAGE: time is to try and not to talk.
this message basically means we should not waste our time by chatting , instead utilize it in a good work which would help us in future in some or the other way.

CHARACTERS:louis(a school student) , miss yesterday , miss today , miss tomorrow and some of louis's friends.

it is sunday,
louis has got a lot of home work from his school and he has to complete all of them as the teacher will take it on monday.

friends:hey louis , come down  , we are going to play.come and join us .we will have fun.

louis was in great confusion.
suddenly a lady appeared.

miss yesterday:oh don't be so silly , u just need to go to didn't do your home work yesterday so just leave it.its your last holiday of the week , so go and enjoy yourself.

then appeared another lady.
miss today:louis you can't do are a good boy so you should complete your work today , infact just now so that you an lift your head high tomorrow in front of your teacher.

then appeared the last lady.
miss tomorrow:just don't worry my boy .i would suggest you to go and play for now as you can do your work tomorrow as just need to get some shouts from your teacher and nothing else.

after hearing all the ladies , louis got confused.he thought deeply for a while.after thinking for about 15 minutes , he replied to all the ladies.

louis:miss yesterday , you have great attitude , miss today you are very rude and miss tomorrow you are very soft and calm.but i think i should listen to you miss today.though you are rude , but your intentions are not wrong.

so finally louis understood that wasting of time actually means spoiling of your own future.

MESSAGE :time is to try and not to talk.

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