The king louis xvi  was young and efficient. He lavished money on himself and residences. Therefore, to meet its regular expenditure the government was forced to increase tax. The society was divided into three eststes:- 1) clergy 2) estate 3) estate of a common man. Only the members of 3 rd estate had to pay tax. the population of france increased leading to rise in bread price.  There were 3 philosophers Jean Jackquie , John locke and Mosteqiuei for seperation of power. The educated members of 4rd estate understating their incapability of speaking against the government. the king had also called for an estate general meeting which consisted of members of all estate to increase tax. the members of 3rd estate asked for vote per head nstead of the present vote per estate system.
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1)political cause
2)inspiration of philospher
3)ecomic inequality
4)social disperity.