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Yes , an ideal teacher should be friendly with his\her students. because a teacher is a one who is next to our parents . she \he is also our friend. a teacher should always encourage thier students and support them, then only they can be able to come up with thier knowledge. and can be successful in thier llife. so, teacher should be ideal for a student .hope u like it :)
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Teacher can carry out all the responsiblites that a can't carry out.  a teacher install a love for each other . teacher inspire us in many he/ she generate a value in every student , teaches us the lesson of  life. our teacher is like a candle who show us the way to reach to the sucess. our teacher does not matter what kind of car he/she drove , in what kid of house he lives and how much money in the bank it matter that how he/she make difference in childs life.TEACHER'S INFLUENCE CANNOT BE ERASED.
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