Plz. Plz. Give 2 minutes speech on every topic, for important Homewwork:
1. Discipline
2. Co-operation
3. Environmental Pollution
4. Rights & Duties Go Hand in Hnad
5. Hard Work: Key to Success
6. Parents: Second God
7.If I Was Cricketor
8. Importance on Good Personality
9. My Aim in Life
10. When I were a child
11. Curricular Activities

do u need it on every topic or only 2 or 3?
Maximum Possible
ok i'll think and give ans for howmuch ever i can possibly write


           the main character that we should have in our life is discipline.a person can have more money, brain etc .... but if he doesnt have discipline he will be failing in his life. calling parents like servants can be stylish for us but it is very bad thing. always we should be respectable to parents and lve discipline. any man cannot be an star without discipline . it is the base for the life.
to do any work we should be cooperated with that thing. cooperation is very very get more marks in exams we need be a good friend to everyone we should be cooperated with our live in a family we should be cooperated with our family. without cooperation nothing can be done. if your teachers doesnt cooperate means then we will not be taught like this so always remember them .
environmental pollution
                                    the most people are dieing and admitted in hospital because of pollution only.we think that if we have more cars and bikes then we will be more rich . but the persons having more vehicles are not great persons they are the real cheaters of mother land. to show their money and richness they are damaging their motherlands. any one can tell that they are saving their motherland . no because they are polluting the earth in a direct way or indirect way. it is a ashame for us . so leave driving cars and bikes take a cycle or walk.
rights and duties go in hand and hand
                                         every person have a certain rights and duties. even a small reading boy also have certain rights and duties. it goes side by side in our hands . now our main duty is to read .anything can leave us in a half a way but rights and duties will be following us daily. everybody should keep their full concentration in their rights and duties not on other things.
hard work-key to success
                                       there is an proverb that is hard work makes an man perfect. it is really true. sitting simply and cheating everyone does not give anything to us. it makes us only lazy . but working hard and hard makes a person well worse in everything. an hard worker hates resting in their life. the hard workers have a bright future in their life. an hard worker can also turn a carbon paper into a gold . by doing a hard work only we got freedom . so keep our freedom struggle and become an hard worker.
parents- second god
                            their is an sanskrit sloka that is mata , pita, guru ,theivam. we cant see god daily and ask to help us daily. if everyone asks him then whom does he help. so only he had given our parents as god for each and every person. our parents are not second god they are first and foremost god for us. if we are happy we thank our parents only. if we fell down we call father or mother only not a god . so atleast from today take your parents as god. and this page cannot be enough to me tell about speciality of parents
if i was a cricketor
                            if i was a cricketor i will join in our indian team. i love sachin so i will take him as my inspiration and go to coaching to him. i will play cricket well and make our indian team shine as a star in cricket. i will not cheat like other cricketors in my match . i will not get money from athor tem and doesnot make our team out. i will play the cricket in a truthful way. i will donate the gift money which i get in mathches after playing to orphanages.
importance on good personality
                                it is very very important to have a good personality. a good personality and a behavior makes a man shine. if you have a good personality then you can make everything stay in your hand. everyone likes a good personality not a bad personality . so only have a good personality not a bad personality. have a good personality and be a role model to everyone.
my aim in life
                     my aim is to become a scientist . there are more things to become but i feel very happy in becoming an scientist . most can say that you cant become scientist but i say i will become a scientist. one thing dont hear what others say about your aim always take the group which you like the most then you can achieve in that . love your group that you do then you will become great in that.
when i were a child
                       when i was a child i was very naughty .  to feed my food my mother goes full up and down around my flats . in my small age if i see noddy means i will dance they said. if i go out for playing means i will return home with blood only . i will not sleep in my child hood . they said i will always be hiding in a fridge or under the fridge or in the washing machine. this is some of the things done by me before 13 iam 14 i miss that
curricular activities
                             curricular activities are very much important for us . now a days the people are asking only the extra curricular activities not the studies. extra activities include drawing, dancing, singing, crafts making, instuments learning, etc..... always we should have more extra activities. it not only develops our  brain it also helps us to take rest in a busy shedule . so take atleast any two extra activities

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