White revolution is related with milk productivity in India.White revolution was started in 1974 ...A step was taken by govt. of India for developing the dairy sector and through that provide employment to poor farmers ..

Like green  revolution white revolution played a very crucial role in develpoment of dairy industries ....Now milk was sold using commercial prices .....which increased competition .......which finally increased milk production .

This also included development of good varieties of milk producing animals ,,,,,,,that used modern techno.......and  various small scale and large scale industries  and dairies were making a network ,,,,,and which led to an overall development
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Following the success of the Green Revolution which resulted in the increase in production of rice and wheat, the India government has taken up Operation Flood Programme to increase the production of milk and make India one of the largest producers of milk in the world. The phenomenal increase in the production of milk in the country is christened as the White Revolution.

The White Revolution played a significant role in improving the living standards of the rural poor and consequently the rural economy. The co-operatives, which were set up to increase the production of milk in the villages, had played a key role in the progress of the rural economy. It will be no exaggeration if the prosperity in many of the Indian villages in attributed to the White Revolution.

The Operation Flood Programme had 73,930 dairy cooperatives by March 1997 covering more than three and half crore farmer members. Because of the innovative strategies adopted by these dairy cooperatives under the leadership of Dr. Kurien, the milk production reached the estimated level of 710 lakh tones during 1997-98.

The Technology Mission on Dairy Development launched by the Government of India in 1988 is going all out to consolidate the gains of the White Revolution and increase the income and employment opportunities in the rural areas.

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