No,There is a fact that you need to know about the concept of modern. it is not a new term. it existed from the start of time. during the age of renaissance, people considered the idea of breaking away from tradition as modern. same goes for all the different ages through time. anything is everything is considered as modern when things are done in a different way which could be considered as out of the normal norm. when one doesn't like the way things are being done, they try to change it or tweak it a little. this tweaking of things itself could be called as a part of tradition. if so how can you call it modern. modern period and those beyond seem to imitate the past. it follows the idea of using the same muse which had been preferred by the past. yet it is not visualized with same eye as that of the bygone scholars. prime example is seeta.. she was seen as a meek little creature who dint know how to stand up for herself. her worth is lost in the presence of lord ram. yet with the intervention of plays such a pudhimai pitthans akalikai meedrum kal annal her worth is blown completely out of proportion. we as in those in modern period aren't much different from our predecessors. we are just following in their footsteps. but we are not blind mindless creature. we change everything a bit to suit our momentary fancies.  this is the same as to what they also did. hence this proves that modern period is not much different from the other periods.