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water pollution contrlled by taking the following measures :- 
 -  waste such as glass , plastic , metals ,paper , industrial waste should be recycling of waste products 
  - bathing and washing in rivers and lakes should be prohibited 
  - periodic cleaning of rivers , ponds , lake and wells should be carried out 
  - directs outlet of domestic wastes should be avoided .

soil pollution controlled by the following ways :-  
- proper damping of unwanted materials  
 - use of hard chemicals should be banned  
 - organic waste combined in animal dung can be used for the preparation of compost, manure and biogas than throwing rather them as west and polluting the soil .

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Water pollution
1. industrial waste should be recycled as industrial waste is thrown in water.
2. domestic activities should be carried out somewhere else.

Soil pollution
1. farmers should not use excessive fertilizers or pesticides
2. cropping techniques should be improved to prevent growth of weeds.
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