Would advice them to-
1.keep exams as the primary point and studies as the secondary point coz u can do studies later on but once u performed bad in exams it will be shown in rep.card
2.revise the contents according to the syllabus confident & practise be4 giving exams
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Exam  stress  is  a  common  problem  in  students.You  two  can  become  study  partners.Refer  lots  of  books  and  study  a  lot  hard  together.Do  practice  problems  and  tell  him  that  now  as  he's  pepared  well  for  the  exam  he  will  score  good.Exam  stress  happens  when  revision  is  not  done  properly  but   as  you've  done  your   preparation  well  you  should'nt  feel  anxious.Also  try  to  inspire  him  with  philosophical  words.
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