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The glaciers are melting, extreme weather events are becoming more common and if we do not start taking better care of the environment, we are risking an unprecedented climate change which may threaten the very existence of life as we know it today on a global scale. Although the planet’s climate is known to go through cycles and to change dramatically in the past as well, the climate change we are already witnessing is primarily a result of human activities.

Unfortunately, humans appear to be the greatest problem for our planet. The world’s population is rapidly growing which results in increased pressure on the environment, in the first place on natural resources including water, food, energy and various materials. The main environmental challenges include:

loss of wildlife habitat which in turn brought many wildlife species on the brink of extinctionloss of forests which further increases the levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, increasing the greenhouse effect and further warming the planet. As an example, when buying wooden garden furniture always ensure its prom renewable sources.extreme exploitation of natural resources, preventing the natural systems from replenishingincreased emission of carbon dioxide, mainly by fossil fuel burning that contributes to the climate changeincreased production of synthetic materials as a substitute for the natural ones, with many being extremely toxic to the environment or/and taking centuries to decompose

What Can be Done to Conserve the Environment and Reverse the Threatening Climate Chang

Conserving the environment and reversing the threatening climate change affects the entire world and requires a global action to achieve a global effect. Unfortunately, poor nations which mainly depend on the natural environment for survival need help to tackle poverty to be able to deal with environmental concerns. Then, there is the unwillingness of some countries to adopt more rigorous environmental laws out of fear to jeopardise their economic growth. Many environmentalists therefore worry that a global action will start only when it will be too late and urge the people to take action themselves.

What Can You Do to Help Conserve the Environment

Saving the environment may seem like Sisyphus’ task from a point of view of an individual, however, we are not as helpless as it may seem at a first glance. In fact, people have been shown to have the power to change the world if they really want to.

Our website identifies the key environmental issues as well as provides guidance on how to reduce the harmful human impact on the environment. We have focused on human activities that cause the most harm but we have also focused on concrete solutions for the main environmental issues with an aim to show that every individual can help make our planet a friendlier place.

Their are a plenty of ways by which you can conserve the environment.
As an individual person you can do small things to conserve the mother nature.
(1) minimising the use of vehicles, as it consume a large amount of fuels.
(2) switching off the electrical appliances at home when not in use
(3) use the principle of 3R i.e. Reuse, recycle, reduce.
and much more....