A block of mass 5 kg is placed on a rough table. the coefficient of static and kinetic friction between surfaces of block and table be 0.4 and 0.3 respectively. if the force F exerted on the block is 10N (g=10m/s^2) the force of friction between the block and the table is ------------------.

explain briefly.



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Mass of block = 5 kg
coefficient of static friction, \mu_s = 0.4
coefficient of kinetic friction \mu_k= 0.3

limiting friction = 
\mu_s×m×g=0.4×5×10 = 20N

Until a force greater than 20N is applied, the block won't move. For any force F ≤ limiting friction, the value of friction will be F since friction is a self-adjusting force.

So when a force 10N is applied, the friction between block and table is 10N.
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