During a field-trip some students visited an agricultural farm and saw a few birds eating earthworms. They enjoyed the scene and then they also started picking and kiling the earthwormsfor pleasure. The farmerstrongly objected and asked them to leave the field.
. What could be the reason behind such a behavior of the farmer?
· What values do you find missing in the student's behavior?
· Which phylum do earthworm belong to?
· Write two identifying features of earthworm.



1. Actually, earthworms help in the soil fertility and farming. Their wastes are also considered important. So as the man was a farmer, he said the students to leave the place.

2.⇒ The students are not thoughtful.
    ⇒They do not think about the life of other living beings.

3. The name of their phylum is Annelida.

4.⇒ The earthworm lacks a skeleton.
   ⇒  It is a tube-shaped, segmented worm commonly found living in soil, that feeds          on live and dead organic matter.