Two HIV- infected siblings Anu and Nikhil were expeled from their school. Only after the intervention of a NGO, they were readmited.
· Which disease are the two children suffering from?
· Write any three modes of transmission of this disease.
· What is your viewpoint about both the steps taken by the school as wel as the NGO?



1. They were suffering from AIDS.
2 i- This can be transfered from Mother to child
  ii- This can be spread from Blood Transfusion
  iii- This can also be spread through Needle Sharing

3. Schools and NGO's should aware that this disease in Non-Communicable, as it is not spread through on touching.Those childrens should be treated very nicely
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Ans.1 they are suffering from aids( acquired immune deficiency syndrome)
ans.2 the mode of transmission of disease can be from mother.
it can also spread when blood is donated.
and it can also spread form needle sharing.
ans.3 schools and NGO should made aware of this disease, i think that the steps taken by the NGO is wrong because it can't spread from contact.
so the action of NGO is uncivilized