Crops and foods the farmers have grown,

 Yet in our traditionally Rice Rich Nation, 

 Food food, on streets poor people cried.

So  government thought it sad and bad,

Then it prepared a solution for poor to feed,

That quickly became a bill that was inaugurated,

To save hungry poor people from going dead.

Thus it is a scheme to help the downtrodden,

 Hope the systems follows it in earnest good,

 Not cheating and sincerely feeding the deserved. 

Secure are the people in country of their preference,

 Upholding the sacred tradition of feeding the poorest and helpless,

Fulfilled its promise the government, made after our independence !!!

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Food, Food Good Food 
Good Food is a should 

Healthy, health, healthy 
Makes you wealthy. 

Honey, honey, honey 
Lets earn some money 

brownie, brownie, brownie 
Makes you a frownie. 

Butter, Butter, Butter 
Makes you flutter. 

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry 
Lets make berries. 

Lets become healthy 
wealthy and wise.

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