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Parents       blood group of child
O * O              O
O * A              O,A
O * B              O,B
O * AB             A,B
A * A                A,O
A * B              A,AB,B,O
B * B              B,O
A * AB            A,B,AB
B * AB            A,B,AB
AB * AB           A,B,AB

O * A = O , A blood groups of progeny.
This is because of the difference in antibody present in the serum of the blood of parents.
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Father has blood group of A and Mother has blood Group of O...
So  the baby has 75% chances of A blood group and 25% of O blood Group.
Because of their Allele present in their Blood groups the %age is 75% and 25%.
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Wat is allele
An allele is one of two or more versions of a gene