Force is a push or pull upon an is non material property that can change matter.gravitation is a force of attraction between all objects in the universe.force is a vector quantity.all objects are effected by several physical forces at once. 
Force is defined as a pull or a push on an object. It is a vector quantity i.e. it has both magnitude and direction. Force has the following effects on an object-
1) It can make a stationary object move.
2) It can make a moving object stop or slow.
3) It can change the direction of a moving object.
4) It can change the speed of the moving object.
5) It can change the shape or size of an object.


1) Kicking a stationary ball.
2) Stopping a ball while fielding.
3) Hitting a ball with tennis changes its direction.
4) Accelerating a toy car.
5) Pressing a balloon with fingers.
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