According to me I want to grow up in a world where there is positivity everywhere. Everyone living there encourages each other. They should be positive about the social issues. I, basically want a to live in a world which is free of prejudices. Everyone has its own liberty- to eat, to wear, to live. I don't want a world where I can rule but a world where everyone stays together and equally- no caste discrimination, no gender discrimination and a freedom to discover new things. 
And I hope this is going to happen one day, and its not my dream......!

so the topic is that , what type of world  we want to grow in.
i think all of us will like a world of truthfulness and happiness.i hope u all agree with me.
if you  have noticed , that the foreign countries are comparatively very advanced and peaceful.

the people in these countries are self dependent and very kind.
i would like to grow in a world where there is only angles and no devils.
friends in this world should be helpful and always good to discrimination will be there between a girl and a boy.

people of all ages will be respected especially the old people.children after growing up will not send there parents to oldage homes.
this is a very common fact of india that almost 60 to 70 % parents are sent to oldage homes.i want their children to understand that their parents have done so much for them and now they just want a little love and care from their children.

i want to grow in this type of world because when i grow up , i am sure that i will be a good and kind person.i will never speak a lie and always respect people.
i hope that you all too want to grow in this type of world.