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contributions of brandis are :- 
  - he setup the imperial forest research institute in Dehradun
 - he was appointed the first inspector general of forest in india
 - he divides the forest into three catagories -- research , protected and village forests .
  - he setup indian forest service 
 - started scientific forestations  
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Dietrich Brandis was a german expert called by the British for advice. The British were worried that local people are destroying forests. Dietrich Brandis was made the First Inspector General of Forests in India.
 Brandis realized that a proper system had to be introduced to manage forests and people had to be trained in the science ofconservation.
 This system would need legal sanctions
 Rules about the use of forest resources had to be framed.
 Felling of trees and grazing had to be restricted to preserve forests for timber production.Anybody cutting trees without following the system had to be punished.
 Brandis set up the Indian Forest Service in 1864 and helped formulate the Indian Forest Act of 1865.
 The Imperial Forest Research Institute was set up at Dehradun in 1906 where ‘Scientific forestery’ was taught.
 The Forest At was ammended twice in 1878 and 1927.
 The 1878 Act divided forests into reserved, protected and village forests.
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