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julliete was the owner of  villa and she spend there weekends there she puts villa for sale because she needs money but pretends to have sufficient only in 1000 franks but no one is coming to buy that villa . she has a maid in his villa who has been offered a role in at film  and maid suggested the role of cook to julliete . but at last a married couples are see  that villa and his wife jeanne ready to buy that villa but his husband don't wanted that . but gaston bought it and sell to the film producer .but julliete does not realize the value of painting by corot .
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Julliete is the owner of the villa in the play.lullete seems like very hard core bussiness womanwho does not budge an inch in her decision of selling the villa and her price.she,at the begining of the play,seemed like a very helpless woman who is in dire need of money ant wants to sell the house immediately.however,being a firm person is jst the superficial part of who she actually was as we find her to be verygullible when she decides in an instant to sell the villa to jeanne and gaston.she acts like a fool when she trusts the two buyers and sells the house without giving it a second thought as to why someone who was so disinterested in buying at the first place,was suddenly so eager to strike a deal.

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