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Strengths of India
Vast Industrial Presence in both Public and Private SectorsHuge demand for Domestic Industrial goods.Avail of Low-cost, Skilled Human Resources.Proactive government continued thrust on reforms- Further liberalization under process.Increasing investment in real assets (Capacity Expanding), Inflow of FDI(Foreign Direct Investment) across Industrial sector.

Weaknesses of India
 Presence of Vast Industrial sickness Outdated labor laws, and presence of too many political labor and trade union. Nascent Regulatory systems to check misuse of market power by firms. Dependency of Subsidies(SSI – Small scale industries) Inadequate and poor quality infrastructure cost and time delays.

Opportunities in India
Growing Competition of Indian industry due to focus on efficient and quality.Vast export marked to explore.Growing recognition of “Made in India” brand in global marketMajor growth through outscoring opportunitiesPresence of Deming award winning firms (Focus on quality)Growing number of overseas investment and acquisition by Indian Firms.

Threats to India
Heavy competition in manufacturing field from china.Power crises and the virtuous growth cycling manufacturing sector.Large informal sector, Poor working condition and low wages.Inclusion of social (Labor) issues in trade dialogues could happens exports (e.g., Child labor)High corruption and inadequate environmental safety norms could affect sustainability.