GANDHIJI  SAID THAT-sanitation is more then independence.swach bharat abhian is not only the aim of our PM and goverment but also we the citizen of india.we should practise more and more for clean india there is no doubt that change begins at home.every citizen of country should be clean ans have hygiene and think of progress rather then waiting for goverment to do somthing for clean india. so we should make our india clean and go green so that our nation can progress faster then brfore.

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Clean India campaign was a huge step in the direction taken in India. It was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said that we should give something back that says Gandhi gave us freedom. Gandhi wanted more freedom and cleanliness were two things. So our prime mission is a tribute to India, Gandhi said the swacch Bharat motto of our country is clean and completely reduces pollution, which is to be planted with trees which is a campaign. Symptoms include loss in healthy people is pollution and clean environment. According to the Clean India campaign to clean and keep clean India is a mission started by our government. Our current prime minister Narendra Modi for Clean India Mission 2014 was launched on October 2nd and they take the challenge and nine more people nominate and so join the famous people from all walks of life has been further enhanced since then. Clean India Independence Day declared mission was launched on October 2.