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the poet william shakespeare made a metaphorical comparison of the world to stage and of men players on the stage . from the death and entrance of life , the seven ages has been compared . the first stage of life is that infancy which is sobbing and puking in the nurse's arms . second stage is unwilling to go to school . the third stage is that of a lover who is emotional and sensitive to rejection by the mistress of loves . as a soldier he is passionate about his ambitious and challenging , then comes to the age of maturity and man gives advice to others . then man begins to lose his health , his interest in his appearance and attire decline and he is often made an object of jest, his voice becomes shrill . and in seventh age man is become without teeth  , he losses his sense of vision and test his last stage is like his childhood .
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the poem commences with life being compared to huge stage of life were we all are actor.each person have entry by birth in the world and exict in that world.
according to the author,every man plays several roles in the part of life.on the stage of life every man have seven stage.the first act of the man is infancy were he /she is a child.after he goes to infant life where he/ she unwilling to go to next stage of he lover where he/she is busy in her life.after he goes to sixth age he become old where in looks like funny old men. now he depend on others of his work he lost his own taste of eating food.
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