Our independent nation faced many problems- today every person facing the problem of curruption .
the people who are rich are becoming richer and poor are becoming more poorer
most of the indian population still living in the village.
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1.Rehabilitation of a large number of refugees.
2.Assimilation of princely states.
3.Ensuring the unity of a country which is full of diversity.
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India faced many problems after it gained independence.the partition of india created lot of problems.the major three problems are as follows:
refugees,8 million refugees entered india from pakistan , these people nedded shelter and livelihood.
the second problem was the 50 priencely states that were existed.these were ruled by maharajas and nawabs.
the third problem was its diverse population.India's population in 1947 was 345 million.this resulted to dividing of many castes and religions.