Learn the values of sin , cos and tan otherwise rest three i.e. Cosec, sec and cot we have to reverse the values of sin , cos and sec respectively..... Please write in a tabular form as I am saying"...........on left side in a column write sin ,cos , tan , cot , sec and cosec .. On top of your note book rewrite a row of angles like 0 ,30,45,60 and 90 In first row for sin 0 to sin 90 Write the series like this .......with increment of quater Write at first place for sin0 as 0 then increase it with quater for every angle then.......1/4 then 1/2 then 3/4 then 1.....then take square root of these values the nugget the first row and for second row that is for cosines reverse the order of sin angles means means write the value of sin90 in place of cos0 and sin60 in place of cos30 ..........then jst doing like this getting the values of sin and cos .....u can get the values of tan by dividing the values of sin and cos .......then follow my starting instruction,...... Thank u
Thnkyou very much but actually I know the values but I can't rmbr them becoz thy get fizzle that's quite.bewilder .
so learn my trick it takes u will never forget in ur life