house no. 2
west park road 

the editor ,
the every day times 
frazer road 

3rd feb. 2015
            subject -increasing number of road accident 
sir , 
  this is alarming rate at which road accident are taking place in our district  . it is a matter of grave concern and requires immediate attention .
a recent survey reveals that 75 % of fatal  accident on the road are due to driver's fault . 25 percent due to other cases like poor lightning in the road , flouting traffics , vehicles defects , etc.
           the government s doing its best to control traffic and better roads , but nothing will be done by the help of public . the concerned authorities should ensure that street lightning system should be  improved , pedestrian should be observe caution while crossing  the roads .
     i hope public and government will work hand in hand to overcome this grave but avoidable problem of road accident .

thanking you
your faithful
Danish Siddiqui .

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