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the insulators take heat out of the electronics to stop getting hot, then store the heat. Once the electronic device is turned off, it will begin cooling off Insulators do not conduct electrons very well. And as a consequence it isolate electronics part from other parts. it is usually extensively used on heat sink to isolate the part from the metal Another reason is because its also helps protect the human body from coming in contact with a high voltage that's running through the wires.

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Actually conductors have electrons which are tightly bound and therefore they r not able to conduct..because it is a neutral body as a whole..conductors on the other hand have electrons which move when they get they flow from one atom to another within the body and redristribute so that either there is deficiency of electrons or excess which makes that body charged..this answer is in terms of electrostatics..not heat
Insulator are those substance whose insulate specific heat in own.
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