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Since the initial mass of bottle is 20.25 g and the 50.25 g when it is filled with water
therefore mass of water will be=50.25-20.25=30 g
now Density of water =1000 g/ltr
          \frac{mass of water}{volume of bottle}=1000  \\  \frac{30}{v} =1000 \\ v= \frac{30}{1000}  \\ v=0.03 l
answer a.)volume of bottle is 0.03 ltr or 30 ml
now given mass of bottle when it is filled with liquid is 40.75
therefore mass of liquid =40.75-20.25=20.50g
therefore density of liquid= \frac{mass of liquid}{volume of bottle} \\ = \frac{20.50}{0.03} \\ =683.33 gm/l
answer b.) density of liquid is 682.33 gm/l
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