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By using a slinky,both longitudinal and transverse waves can be produced.

Hold one end of the Slinky still on the floor. While holding the slinky on the floor, move the other end of the Slinky, in a single motion, back and forth very quickly perpendicular to its stretched length. A transverse wave will be made.

Hold one end of the Slinky still. Pull the other end of the stretched metal Slinky and then let go of the coils. A longitudinal wave will be made and will travel back and forth over the length of the Slinky.
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Using a slinky, both longitudinal and teanverse waves are produced. Lay the slinky down on the ground and push it back and forth lengthwise to make longitudinal waves. To make transverse waves, shake the slinky back and forth sing slinky, both longitudinal and transverse are produced.
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