As we know that cleaness began at home then in locilaty and then city.
we tell them that our safty depends upon our cleaness and cleaness is next to godeness.air ,water and cleaness are main in life without that nothing is possible.
we can them that the person one who runs away from cleaness is clean but the person who take care that the surrounding is fully clean or not that person is called to be clean this i think we can encourage .
It is very true that Cleanliness impact our National Development. A clean and a healthy environment would contribute towards absolute national development.

If our nation will become clean , healthy and developed it can also contributes to green country.If cleaning of the societies is practised , then the different types of pollution that is air pollution , water pollution , land pollution will be decreased and can also be finished . 

If the surrounding of our societies will be clean then there is no chances of diseases among peoples and also they can save their MONEY in spending for buying expensive medicines and treatments.Through this economy of the our nation will also be developed.

And for this cleanliness our Respective Prime minister Organises a Abhiyaan that is clean India Green and Healthy India.

Clean India campaign was organized by India's 15th Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said that it was a gift for Mahatma Gandhi on his birthday which is on 2nd October. On this occasion Narendra Modi himself cleans many surroundings and also forced people to clean and make their country green and clean. For this he selected his 'Navratna'(Sachin Tendulkar, Amir Khan etc)At last I would say cleanliness is a path towards godliness.So come on and make our country clean and green.

Hence Cleanliness is very important for the development of our Nation and if our nation will be developed then definately our nation will become healthier.

We can encourage citizens by telling them the importance of cleanliness in their life and they can be profited from cleanliness.

By telling them about the importance of cleanliness in their lives. By telling them about the abhiyan which is recently started by our respective Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi .