In this article I will highlight the role of children in curbing the black marketing in Indian society which is growing day by day in Indian society. It was demonstrated by their resolve not to use cracker, if the little children can do all this, they can also help to fight against other evils of society.

Adulteration, corruption and black marketing have become banes in Indian society. Despite the vows of every successive government to end these evils, nothing has been achieved so far. What our great elders and national leaders have failed to achieve, can perhaps be done by little school-going children.

It was amply demonstrated every year by their resolve not to use crackers and other fireworks on the occasion of Deepawali. While no appeals to vehicle-owner have ever worked to reduce air and noise pollution, the tiny tots have shown the way. They have effectively registered their protest against the child labour involved in the crackers industry. 

If the little children can do all this, they can also help to fight other evils that are afflicting our country. The biggest of these evils is the evil of black marketingwhich is the mother of most other evils. They can fight it the way they did in the case of cracker and child labour. 

They can resolve not to buy anything in black market nor let others do so. I think children can prove the most powerful weapons of putting wrongdoing elders to shame. This is a weapon that can strike effectively without causing any hurt. With their pleasing and beaming protesting faces, they can kill evil without killing the evil-doer.
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