Renuka has gone for a picnic near a lake along with her classmates and teacher . all the children were happy to be in such a beautiful place and started playing all the children spread the toffee wrappers and empty chips packets in either the lake or the garden.the teacher observed that it was only renuka who collected all these wastes and put them in the dustbins .teacher was delighted by renuka's act and told everyone to follow:
answer the following questions :
a) what values are being prompted by Renuka ?
b) how can throwing waste in the lake affect the environment ?
c) suggest some ways by which you can spread awareness about pollution in your school?



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A)renuka is nature loving,intelligent,responsible to her duties.
b)it leads to the water pollution by polluting water of lake.
c)i can start awareness programmes to aware students about the harmful effects of water pollution.
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A)The values are environment lover,what the nation to be clean,brilliant girl,smart. b)It cause water pollution and when animal eats it,this may lead to dead. c)Some awareness creating programs have to be started which can not only make awareness in student even to public.
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