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Some friends thinking that old fashion is dismiss because they thinks that old fashion is boring and being a simple guy is not good for their personality.they thinks that there friends make fun of him. our senious don't like today's generation fashion because they believe in there old fashion style this is good because everyone have there own thoughts. before 21st century the living of life style of people is very simple that time only two colours black and white. but now a days every colour is avaible in market and we also like them.
its not their problem its the soceitys problem they dont see things as simple and beautiful...we live in a wrld where without show offing and boasting living is tough..nd if u dont follow the level of class or style laid by the soceity ur often considered its better to just let go nd show ur inner self cauz thts wht will make the difference,being u in this soceity is the toughest..