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                     Hai friends. Good evening/morning to one and all gathered here. Today,  I want to share my views on sports.
                    They give physical exercise to our body. they give mind relaxation such that our stress will be gone. We get the more concentration power. Through this games we can know our stamina and strength. We can met new friends through games.Helps for good blood circulation. Through the exercise , we will be a healthy person. It is not easy to gain sportsmanship. It needs a lot of practice with dedication and determination.
                      Hence sports have a great importance in our life. They shows a good path to our healthiness. They are  the boons that entered into our lives. To get a good health, everyone have to play sports atleast per an hour in a day. The government also have to bring awareness on the people by saying the importance of sports. Hence play games, step towards a healthy life 
                      Thank you all for giving this golden opportunity to me

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