Promoting something good in your locality is through posters to attract the people to do your proposal work.I think there is only one way, create fear in the minds of people, by not keeping the surroundings clean they are marching towards their death. Fear is the only solution. Show them, what their bad attitude is leading to. People here will only change by the use of force. ( Currently, you can scare people by telling them about EBOLA and they will stop littering and will surely spread cleanliness) Fear of death, by ebola will make people change. Tell small children and make them change, because they will surely listen and change for the good(they don't have the ego problem). Making small children stop litter, will sooner or later stop their parents, relatives and siblings. Methods: 1. If you live in an apartment, during festival times when people are together, tell them about segregation of garbage, importance of cleanliness and how their bad attitude is impacting them. 2.On a regular basis, circulate posters making people realise there mistake of littering and causing damage to environment. Make them submerge in regret. Then they will change. Spread awareness every moment and every second. Don't forget to not use polythene and segregate garbage. Do this, the people whom you change will change others and change will spread. So begin now. Cleanliness is the biggest hazard it can also lead to an ebola epidemic.
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We can start awareness programmes to aware people about the usefulness of cleanliness.