1. Lucy ran helter-skelter when she heard the door open.
2.John had a sturdy, muscular physique.
3.Henry looked nonplussed when he heard about Katy's death.
4. Vasco da Gama ventured into little known waters to discover India.
5.The music faltered, stopped and then started again.

ok what do u mean by profile??
means ur own bio data like height weight acheviements name awards coach etc.. and be justifying like this due to the above data i think i will be suitable for the indian team like that.. it ill do it
thank u
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1.The children ran helter - skelter all over my house.
2. The table is sturdy enough to sit on it.
3. She looked completely nonplussed
4.The man ventured to the top of the mountain.
5. Syra faltered in horror.