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a/c to bohr's model  of atom , atom consist of 3 fundamental particles these are electrons , protons and neutrons . electrons have negatively charged , protons have positively charged and neutrons are neutral .
protons and neutrons are located in the small control part of the atom called as nucleus and particles are  also called as nucleus .

electrons are revolving around the nucleus in a certain circular chord called as shell . that are denoted by K,L,M,N,.....

maximum number of electron that can be accomodated in any cells is followed by the formula 2n^2 .where n is the number of cell .

each shell is associated with certain amount of energy . the energy level nearer to the nucleus have minimum amount of energy  level which is farthest from the nucleus has maximum amount of energy .

there  is no change in the energy of electron as they keep revolving in the same energy level . the change is take place only when it jumps from lower shell to higher shell or higher shell to lower shell

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