In 1995 a team of British led Ufologists (people who study flying things that other people cannot tell what it is) unveiled a video showing American Scientists examining a body of a mysterious man-like creature. People believe that it is linked to the Roswell Sighting, in which a UFO (a flying object that no one knows what it is) was spotted over the city of Roswell in New Mexico, USA, which later crashed landed in the same city.
                                     However the scientists were found to be military scientists who are all deceased. The military says the video is fake and it is for making advertisements and the crash was the crash of a weather craft. However many people and Ufologists believe that it is a real alien craft. In 1950's Carl Jessup, a man, claimed to his friend he had information about the aliens and all. He told his friend that he'll tell him tomorrow, but when his friend came to meet him, he was dead and police found that he was poisoned to death. It is best to leave Information like this, not involving in conspiracies like this.

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