Give your respon to the following situations examples are given.

1. i just lost my new harry potter novel deathly hollows.
your response : how come?

2. i heard that Mr.Sofyan lost one of his cars
your response :

3. dania lost all her money.
your response :

4. can you tell me what's on the TV?
your response : here's the story, scientists have made a new robot.

5. bento doesn't believe that irna is cheatting on the english exam.
your response :

6. i must know what happened with belinda.
your response :



1. I will just say you to take care of your own things.

2. He was irresponsible.

3. If dania would be my friend i would be angry with her.

4. I would be happy.

5. I will tell to my teacher.

6. I will talk with her softly and and try to understand her feelings.