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If the person standing near a railway line hears two distinct sounds of a train, then the sounds are - one travelling through steel and the another travelling through air.

Let the distance of train be d from the person.
speed of sound in air = 340 m/s
speed of sound in steel = 340 × 16 = 5440 m/s

time taken by sound travelling through steel to reach the person = t_s
time taken by sound travelling through air to reach the person = t_a

time= \frac{distance}{speed}\\ \\ t_s= \frac{d}{5440} \\ \\t_a= \frac{d}{340}

given that t_a - t_s=2

\frac{d}{340}-\frac{d}{5440}=2\\ \\d( \frac{1}{340} - \frac{1}{5440} )=2\\ \\d(\frac{16-1}{5440})=2\\ \\d=\frac{2*5440}{15}=725.33\ m

Distance of train is 725.33 m.

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