So , today’s topic for essay is ‘god help those who help themselves’.this topic  seems  very interesting.  
I usually start all my essays with quotes from the internet but the topic of this essay is itself a I will start this essay bu explaining its topic itself.   “god helps those who help themselves’ .this topic is actually self help.

Self help mean helping yourself when you need help ad not depend on some else in your difficult times.helping yourself in times of need is said to be the best help as god also helps those who helps themselves and not just depend on others for help.


People of this world has become truly very selfish.almost no one in this world is left helpful.only one person is there and that is god.he is always there for helping us.but ,he does not help those who cannot help themselves.he is always ready to help those who knows how to help themselves.  


We can only help people if we can help , have that much of courage to help your self in times of need to get help from god.

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By the its a very good thought which I also follow .......God helps those who helps themselves ..Some people are fatalists of the worst kind .They think that if they worship God then God will shower there blessing on them this belief they do nothing else then worship of God ....for example if a student is having exam few days later he starts worshipping God thinking that God will tell him answers in the exam is fatalistic thought moreover it will do nothing but harm himself at when results will come and moreover not believing God . God does not want us to demotivated but wants us to our things to the fullest and develop good character and personality of ourselves .He will not help us if we not help ourself.Self reliance is the greatest virtue.Self reliant person has iron will and he clears all hurdles of his life not in glam but in glad...
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