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11 feb.. 2015                                                                 12:35                                     
A  Perperous , well  known  business  man Ravi   Verma’s  son  Rohit  Verma  has  just kidnapped  from  the  outside  of   his  school . he was  a  student  of  a  class  viii  from  delhi  public school  , patna  . the  kidnappers  has  dimand 5,00.00,000.  But  the  S.P. of  this  city  has  a  announced  that  the  child  will  be  resque without   an   of   remand.

By:- Danish siddiqui
( Scot NEWS ,PATNA )
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say dont u copied it?
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then how did u write that even there not one thing as other. each and every word is there
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