Endless birds are slaughtered
                                          for their flesh and feather
                                  crocodiles and snakes are being killed
                                        for their skin to make leather.
                              stop the merciless killing of indian rhino 
                            else it'll become extinct,like dino and dodo
                           cranes,bustards,partridges have become rare
                             let's conserve wildlife;show that we care

man is perhaps only animal who ill treats and even kills other animals for his pleasure.for ages,humans have been killing animals for their skin,bones and meat.

did you know that countless animals and birds are killed , mutilated or decapitated in the name of scientific experiments,testing and research? 
the poor silent souls cannot even express the pain and suffering they are subjected to.circuses,zoos,road shows etc are also dungeons of death for these helpless creatures. some animals like bulls ,horses etc are made to carry heavy loads.a large number of animals are kept in unnatural and artificial habitats just to entertain visitors.

children can play an important role in stopping this cruelty to animals . they must join hands to crate worldwide awareness for the ethical and humane treatment   of animals.they must support animal and environment conservation programmes.