Which observation is correct & why?
s.no 1 30 19 29
2 40 28 40
3 50 36 50
4 60 40 59

Can you please make the question more clear..
ther are 4 serial no out of which 1 is correct. the first column is of <i(value) 2nd column is of<r 3rd column is <e . this is an observation table of refraction through glass slab.
answer it plse


2nd one is correct because if u apply snells law, u'l get the refractive index as 1.5

exactly thats what i did in exams but i lose marks coz the right ans is 3rd one . i don't knw why.do u knw any reason?
acc to the third one, refractive index is 1.3.. which is not true for glass
then what should i write?