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There is no change in the amount of water in condensation. So there will not be any change in the amount of water. The water will contain 1 mole of water. But instead of in vapour form, it will be in liquid form.
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Both options a) and d) seem to be correct.

As the no.of moles remain the same, the liquid will also contain 1 mole of H₂O molecules.
1 mole H₂O contains 6.023X 10²³ molecules.
1 mole of H₂O contains 3X6.023X10²³ atoms.(3 mole atoms.. the first option.)
1 mole of H₂o contains 2X6.023X10²³ hydrogen atoms( 2 moles ) and 6.023X10²³ oxygen atoms(1 mole)
As 1 mole Oxygen atom weighs 16 gm ( option (d) is also satisfied.