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The equator is an  imaginary 0° latitude which divides the Earth into two equal hemispheres. It is the longest latitude.  It receives the direct rays of the sun and the hottest places of the world are located in this zone.The region 5° north and south of it has equitorial type of climate, which is hot and wet.It is responsible for the climatic condition of places. it can be used to locate places. 
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The Equator is an imaginary line that divides the earth into two equal hemishperes i.e Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere.The equator is an latitude at 0 degree.Throughout the year it receives direct sunlight and thus the places near equator have warm weather and climatic conditions.Besides equator there are 4 more important latitudes.They are-
1.Tropic of Cancer(23 and 1/2 degree North)
2.Tropic of Capricorn(23 and 1/2 degree South)
3.Arctic Circle(66 and a half degree North)
4.Antarctic Circle(66 and a half degree South)
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