Obesity is due to over eating and excess of energy in takes. It is a big health hazard. Obese children when grows, they will be target of many disease like diabetes, cardio, vascular, renal, gall bladder problem. The people who eat junk food will mostly target with obesity.
we should follow some food habits like, having simple well-balanced meals, thoroughly masticating the food, avoid taking violent exercise soon after eating food, drinking plenty of water etc. .
some more cures are eating leafy vegetables, doing exercise in the morning, avoiding junk food, having proper vitamins and proteins, etc... but before you do any thing you should consult a doctor.
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It occurs when our body gets a lot of fat. In this the fat cells increase in size. When a stout person looses fat the size of their cells decrease and you look slim.
Obesity generally has many causes :
* Imbalance between calories
* Genes may play a role in increasing fat
* Age
* Emotions
* Lifestyle
  and many more.

The cures for it are :
* To exercise daily 
* Not to take more calories
* To take allopathic treatment if needed
* To take homeopathic treatment if needed